Who We Are

Current Board Members

Steve Borgatti, President, 2016-2019
Ulrik Brandes, 2008-2017
Dimitris Christopoulous, 2012-2017
Becca Davis, 2016-2018
Ainhoa de Federico de la Rua, 2014-2017
Kayla de la Haye, 2016-2019
Betina Hollstein, 2016-2019
Laura Koehly, Vice-President, 2016-2019
David Lazer, 2008-2017
Dean Lusher, 2016-2018
Chris McCarty, 2016-2018
John Skvoretz, Past President, 2016-2019
Tom Valente, Treasurer, 2016-2019

Our Committees and Editorships

  1. Finance Committee: Laura Koehly (Chair)
  2. Sunbelt XXXVII Organizing Committee: Yanjie Bian and Jar-Der Luo (Co-Chairs), Ray-May Hsung, Peilin Li, Qiang Li, Danching Ruan
  3. 2016 Student Paper Award Committee: Dan Halgin , Chris Marcum, Alexandra Marin
  4. 2016 Freeman Award Committee: David Lazar, Arnout van de Rijt, Beatte Volker
  5. Editorships: Dimitris Christopoulos, Connections, John Skvoretz, J of Social Structure, Martin Everett and Tom Valente, Social Networks

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Our Mission

INSNA is the professional association for researchers interested in social network analysis. The association is a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Delaware and founded in 1977.



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